Question: Surprisingly, 7 out of 10 people find this to be relaxing and peaceful. What is it?

Answer: Their commute to work!

Wow! That seems really strange. Do you find your commute to work peaceful and relaxing? Do you hate it? Do you work from home?

When it comes to commuting, the main character in our passage today didn’t have to go far to get to where she spent most of her time. Like those of us who work from home, she lived there. Her life had been less than ideal, she had experienced significant pain, and yet she found a way to worship in her wilderness, and trust God in her trials, which set her up for an encounter with the messiah. This morning, pastor Jill brings a message called “The Misfits of Christmas: When Your Story Changes.”

** Artwork by Sophia Sauer, 12 years old