Question: According to a recent study by Stanford University, interruptions of employees’ work from THIS cost the US Economy $650 Billion Per Year. What is it?

Answer: Social Media!

Dang!!! $650 Billion!?! That’s the cost of a single year of interruptions from Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, MySpace (yes, it still exists), SnapChat, etc…

This study showed that interruptions at work cost up to 6 hours of productivity every day, and it takes almost 30 minuets for a person to completely refocus after an interruption. Of course there are easy ways to keep social media from interrupting us (put your phone on “do not disturb”), but it’s harder to ignore an interruption when it’s from God. That’s the subject of today’s sermon. While Pastor Jill is at a conference in St. Louis, we have the privilege of hearing from Pastor Mike Sares. He brings us a sermon called “When God Interrupts: Joseph’s Journey Part 1.”