Question: According to a recent survey, 11% of new parents admitted to falling asleep in this place. Where is it?

Answer: The shower!

That’s a crazy place to fall asleep. Have you ever fallen asleep in the shower? How about in the bath? While there may be stranger places to fall asleep, all parents can probably agree that they’d rather sleep in their own bed.

They’d probably also all agree that the best place to give birth to their child is in a hospital or other safe and sanitary environment, not in a barn. That’s where Mary and Joseph found themselves when their first born child, Jesus, made His appearance into this world. It certainly wasn’t ideal, but it does tell us something about the heart of God for us. Today we celebrate the birth of our Savior and reflect on the meaning of the manger He was laid in. Jill’s message today is called “The Misfits of Christmas: What God Chooses.”

** Artwork by Timothy Pontow, 11 years old