Question: In November 1926, what did President Calvin Coolidge receive as a Thanksgiving gift?

Answer: A live Raccoon!

A Mississippi man had sent the Raccoon to the White House as a gift for the president to enjoy for Thanksgiving dinner. President Calvin Coolidge, however, became smitten by the beast and instead granted it a pardon and adopted the raccoon as a presidential pet.

We can probably all agree that we’re thankful raccoon wasn’t on our menu’s this Thanksgiving week. And the truth is, no matter what we had for dinner this week, we have a lot to be thankful for. In the joys and the pains, the highs and the lows, God has been, is, and will be faithfully at work, loving us and caring for us. If we just have eyes to see it, we can rejoice in all circumstances. That’s the subject of our time together today, in God’s word, in worship through music and song, and in our sharing life together. This morning, Pastor Jill brings us our last sermon of November on this subject, in a message called “The Thing About Gratitude…”