Question: Have you ever used Google to settle an argument? A new survey found that 77% of us have felt a wave of satisfaction when we Googled something we weren’t sure about, and found out we were right. What is the most common thing people use Google to settle arguments about?

Answer: Historical events!

Have you ever done that? It’s an amazing thing that we can look up almost any historical event on the inter-webs and find answers to the questions we have.

While Google won’t give you a definitive answer on the historical events of the resurrection of Jesus from the dead, the authors of scripture were certain that they had seen him alive after his crucifixion, death and burial. They also touched him, talked with him, ate meals with him, and watched Him ascend to heaven. They believed it so strongly that they were willing to suffer and die for their belief. They were convinced that Jesus was their savior, Lord, and God. You will find strong historical and circumstantial evidence of the resurrection if you go looking for it. That’s the subject of pastor Jill’s Easter sermon today, in a message called “The Places the Lord Will Go.”

** Artwork: Road to Emmaus by Michael Torevell