Question: In a recent survey, it was found that one of every three American adults
say they have not done this since high school. What is it?

Answer: Read a book!

Dang! That’s a lot of people who haven’t been reading books! The truth is, with so many other things competing for our attention when we do have down time, many people would rather stream a movie or series. It takes more focus to read a book than to watch a show.

The same could be said of following Jesus. There’s so much in this world that’s intentionally vying for our attention. Following Jesus and becoming like Him takes so much more focus and intentionality. It requires us to look and act differently than the world around us. The truth is though, that’s where the freedom is found. That’s the subject of Pastor Jill’s sermon today called “the Importance of Baptism. It’s the next in our new series on following Jesus.