Question: One in three adults have this in their bedroom. What is it?

Answer: A stuffed animal!

Do you have a stuffed animal in your bedroom? Do they have a name?

Nights can feel scary, can’t they? For kids (and apparently for 33% of adults) stuffed animals make us feel more safe and secure at night when things are dark and uncertain. A trusted companion that stays with us through the night brings comfort.

But more than any stuffed animal, pet, or person, God is much more able to watch over and protect us, not only at night but all our lives. In the darkest of times, it’s good to know the name of the One who is able to fight for us. He is the God who promises never to leave us or forsake us. He’s the Mighty God who spoke all creation into being. The God who created us and knows us by name. And the God of Angel armies. Pastor Jill continues our series on the names of God with a message called “Taking God at His Name.”