Question: According to a recent study, we do this 20 times per day on average. What is it?

Answer: Complain about something!

Studies on complaining show that constant complaining can lead to all kinds of negative consequences, like a decline in memory and the ability to adapt to new situations. It can lead to a variety of health risks including increased risk of depression, digestive problems, sleep issues, higher blood pressure and even increased risk of heart disease.

The opposite is also true of gratitude. Expressing gratitude is associated with a host of mental and physical benefits. Studies have shown that feeling thankful and expressing gratitude can improve sleep, mood and immunity. Gratitude can decrease depression, anxiety, difficulties with chronic pain and risk of disease.

It pays to be grateful, and it’s a super power in the kingdom of God that leads to life and life more abundant. That’s the subject of todays sermon. Today we are grateful to hear from long time friend of Celebration, Weyman Howard. He’s bringing us a word from the heart of God to us called “So Good.”

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