Question: Every home has one or two of these, and the first ones ran on gasoline. What is it?


Answer: A vacuum cleaner!

Crazy right?! It makes sense why they changed vacuum cleaners from gas to electric only. Burning gasoline produces carbon monoxide, and having carbon monoxide in your home really sucks.

When we find that what we’re doing isn’t good for us, then it’s time to make a change. When fear, worry, and anxiety rule our heart, spirit, and body, and all the things we try to get free of those things come up short, it’s time to make a change. Jesus calls us to give up our strategies of managing our own lives, and let Him give us the peace that He promises to give those who trust Him with their lives. He calls us to be established, rooted, and grounded in His love. In return, He gives us peace — peace that leads to thriving in a scary world. Today, as we celebrate God’s faithfulness to Celebration Community Church over the past 25 years, pastor Jill brings us a sermon called “Rooted & Grounded in God’s Love.”