Question: A new study shows that if you’re average, you’ll stare at this for 36 hours this year. What is it?

Answer: The inside of the refrigerator!

The crazy thing is, that’s just the average. Some people actually stare at the inside of their fridge even longer than 36 hours per year. Some things are just common to humanity. Like fried bread — it’s in every culture.

Another thing common to humanity is the need for community. We need other people. Sometimes we like to fool ourselves into believing we don’t, but God created us for others. His kingdom is an amazingly diverse one which we are called to participate in. Today, while Jill is a the women’s retreat, we have the honor of hearing a sermon on this very subject from long time Celebration friend, Karl Wheeler.

**Cover art: The Apostle Paul by Rembrandt van Rijn