Question: 25% of us have not done this in the last year and 2% of us have never done it at all. What is it?

Answer: Used a landline phone!

Do you still have a landline in your home? Have you used it this week? This year?

Another thing that many of us haven’t done in past year, or maybe ever, is suffer persecution for following Jesus. At least two things contribute to that: 1) Religious liberty is protected by our government. 2) Secularism strongly encourages us to privatize our faith rather than practice it in public and many of us bow to this pressure.

While the early church did have to contend with the latter, it didn’t have the protection of the former. When Jesus called them to share their faith, they suffered for it, somehow doing it with joy. Maybe you have too at some point in your life. Today we are in for a treat! Our good friend pastor Ruth Folkerts is back with a sermon on this subject from Acts 5 called “Men on a Mission.” We’re so excited to have her with us again!