Question: A study found just smelling THIS might help prevent cancer and other diseases. What is it?

Answer: Ripe fruit!

According to scientists at the University of California Riverside, new research shows that odors – like those emanating from ripening fruits or fermented foods – can lead to changes in how genes are expressed inside cells far beyond the nose, and even possibly prevent cancer or neurological diseases. Wow! That’s amazing! Even something as simple as the smell of ripening fruit can affect our physical health. We’re always looking for new and better ways to help make and keep people healthy.

One thing our society tends to ignore is that God promises to be our healer with a power and potency that far outshines ripening fruit or the newest medical technology. At the same time, we might have a hard to believing this operationally, even when we agree theologically, because of our own personal experience with suffering or disease. Pastor Jill brings us a sermon today on this very subject as we continue our sermon series on the names of God. It’s called “Jehovah Rapha, or Yahweh Your Healer (Part 1).”