Question: A recent survey asked adults what they miss about being a kid. What was the #1 answer?

Answer: Not having to pay for anything!

As a kid, someone else pays the bill for all the things. As we grow, we start to realize nothing was actually free, and life is expensive. It’s like they say, adulting is hard. If we’re honest, we’d all love to have the rights and privileges of adulthood without the responsibilities.

It’s a similar kind of thing when we want God’s blessings, but we don’t want to make Him Lord of our lives. That’s one of things that happened during the first Palm Sunday, when Jesus entered Jerusalem riding on a donkey. But Jesus is out for more than our comfort. He’s out for our holiness and our allegiance, which brings life, life, and more life. That’s the subject of today’s sermon. Pastor Jill brings us the next message in our series on the names of God, in a message called “Is Jesus Your Lord?”