Question: According to a recent study, only 20% of grade school kids today know how to do this. What is it?

Answer: Tell time on an analog clock!

According to this study, 80% of grade school kids can’t tell time on an analog clock. They are ignorant of how to do that. Being ignorant isn’t a sin, or something to be ashamed of. It just means you don’t know something.

We’ve all been there, right? Sometimes we just need someone to give us the information we didn’t even know we were lacking so we can operate on it. That’s what Peter did with some folks in the temple in Acts 3. They were operating on information that no longer applied and it was a life or death situation. Of course it’s not just a matter of knowing something, we have to be willing to apply it to our lives for it to be effective. Like G.I. Joe used to say: “Knowing is half the battle”. That’s the subject of Jill’s second sermon in our series called “God Still Acts.”