Question: 14% of people admit that they never learned how to do this. What is it?

Answer: Swim!

If you don’t know how to swim, it’s probably a good idea for you to stay away from water that’s deeper than you are tall or get swimming lessons.

If you don’t know how to share your faith in Jesus though, you don’t need to shy away from talking about Him or go to seminary to learn how. You only need to share what you do know: what He’s done in your life. That’s what two of Jesus disciples did in our passage today. Two “uneducated men” shared what they did have with a man who needed it desperately. God takes the little we have, and makes something huge out of it when we offer it in His name. Pastor Jill is back in the saddle today and speaking from the book of Acts in a sermon she’s calling “God Still Acts.”