Question: According to a recent survey, this has made 30% of men cry. What is it?

Answer: The birth of a child!

Have any men here cried at the birth of a child? We’ll assume it was for joy.

According to Luke 2, the birth of the child Jesus was announced to shepherds in the fields, and was cause for great joy! Maybe they cried at this good news because it was so good! But why did the angels announce the birth of Jesus to shepherds? Why those on the outskirts, those isolated in hills of Judea instead of the temples, palaces, and mansions of the city? It turns out that God has a special place in His heart for those who might seem like the most unlikely, those on the margins, the misfits.

This Sunday marks the start of the Advent season and pastor Jill begins a new sermon series in this season called “The Misfits of Christmas” in which we will explore more of this theme. Her message today is called “An Unlikely Message from Unlikely Messengers.”

** Artwork by Lydia Scheu, 8 years old

Video Clip from Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer (Island of Misfit Toys)