The BandWhat to Expect:

Our normal service times are Sunday mornings, 9am-10:30am (in the smaller chapel), and to 10:45am-12:15pm (in the larger Hall).

The Chapel service is more intimate while the Hall service has lots of energy.

Both services are mostly contemporary and include music, a message, and warmth.

Celebration Community Church is a fun place to get serious about God... not stuffy or formal.

Come as you are, enjoy a cup of coffee, a snack, and get serious about your relationship with God.

Our Story:

How did Celebration get started?
Celebration Community Church was born on October 18, 1998. It's a wonderful story which we will have to share with you some time. What's important to say here is that we were a God-thing. Someone has said that a church-plant needs three miracles to get started. Back in 1998, the Lord gave us that and more. Each of these biggies represents a special way in which the Lord smiled upon us and gave us his blessing:

* A clear call to plant
* The blessing of our mother church
* A vision for something special
* Adventurous People
* A place to call home
* Financial provision
* Kids!
* The spark of life

A Reason to Celebrate / The Party Church
In 2007, Celebration Community Church and University View Christian Church became one church family. In blending into one church, we became members of two denominations, Evangelical Presbyterian Church (EPC) and Disciples of Christ. Wanting to dedicate ourselves as one church family, we began looking for ways to affirm our combined identity--and started the journey of finding a new name. What we found in the process was that our name is more than a name. We tried on every name we could possibly think of--and nothing fit quite right. At some names, we laughed because we found levity--a value we have at our church. Others acknowledged our purpose and our mission as a church--to provide a life-giving, life-changing community for our people. Others still recognized that we’re a church that longs to see justice and mercy done in the world. But still, nothing was quite right. After months of seeking the perfect name, we came back home. In March 2021, given that neither of our current pastors were ordained by the EPC, we discontinued our association with them and now have a single denomination, Disciples of Christ.

Nothing speaks to the heart of our church more than the idea of the prodigal son and his journey home or the prodigal father and his sprint to his wayward son. We are a church for the walking wounded, the ones carrying a heavy load. We’re a church for the lavish, loving, foolish who love each other in spite of being wronged, in spite of our pain. We’re a church for the healing and the hopeful--the ones who can say “yet though he slay me will I trust in the Lord.” We’re a church that loves to throw parties--and a church that loves to welcome home the lost, the forgotten, the faithful and everyone in between. This is what we bleed--and our merger didn’t change it. Our merger gave us one more reason to celebrate: because we know that the Lord has called us here for a reason. Today, every day, may we be the church that lives up to its name, the church that throws our hands into the air and says: “This son of mine was dead and is alive. He was lost and is found. Let us then celebrate!”

It is not a stretch to say that when you or I find our way home to the Father, heaven throws a huge party. In lots of ways, every Sunday morning is a welcome home party. Whether you call Celebration home, find a new church home, or find your way back to the One who has been searching for you, we have reason to party. Please check us out… your visit will be cause for celebration.