Uganda Missions Trip 2017

What and Why:

Celebration is a long time supporter of The Recreation Project and we are thrilled to be able to plan a missions trip to serve, support and better understand their work in Northern Uganda (Gulu). Though the scope of the trip will be determined in part by the participants on the team, some of the service projects include: helping lead sports camp, working with TRP facilitators on teambuilding and leadership development, helping expand the adventure elements of the ropes/rock climbing courses (construction heavy). We will also take the time to explore the region and culture of Uganda.

It's worth noting that Celebration is always intentional about when, why and how we decide to go on missions trips. Of great importance for us is the ability to build a long-term relationship with the ministry partner we'll be working with in country. That's why we've gone to Costa Rica and continue to invest in our relationship with the church community there -- sustainability and ongoing relationship. It's expensive to travel to Africa on a frequent basis and so it's been about 10 years since Celebration has gone. Even though we may not be able to travel to Uganda often, we are excited to see and participate in the beautiful work that The Recreation Project has been doing! And hopefully, people will fall in love with the country and return on their own, or travel back with us when Celebration is able to return!


We will travel in June 2017, with exact dates to be determined. We anticipate being gone for 14 days.


Are you interested in going? Great! Please see below to access the application and more information about the trip. A couple details upfront:

  • We are asking participants to plan to pay or raise $4000 each to participate. This may change as we understand full travel costs. We are committed to doing fundraisers as a church and will happily support participants in raising individual support, too! Please note that this cost is an approximation and due to the unforeseen nature of travel costs, we can't guarantee it. But we'll do our best to stay at or under $4000! Personal expenses for malaria medicine, vaccinations, passports, etc., are not included in this cost.                
  • Only 10-12 team members (in addition to 3 leaders) will be selected to attend. Because of the limited size of the team, applications are required. If you're interested in attending as a couple, please complete an application for each of you but let us know you're applying together (especially if you have different last names).
  • Youth and young adults are especially encouraged to apply. Due to the length, distance and country of travel only youth who are 17 years old at the time of the trip are eligbile to apply without a parent or guardian. If youth are turning 17 prior to September 1, 2017, that's ok, too!


Our team has three leaders who will travel to Uganda in 2017. Contact any of us by emailing Ryan (she'll get the info to the right people!).

Vince Crespin:

Vince is the Youth Director at Celebration and spends his time with our 12-18 year olds, teaching them about the Christian life and journey, beating them at FIFA, and leading fun activities like Breakout! Vince co-led the Costa Rica missions trip in 2014 and is excited to travel to Uganda next year.

Ryan Harrison:

Ryan is the Acts 1:8 elder (missions and outreach) at Celebration and spends her time building relationships with our ministry partners, planning community outreach events and managing the church missions budget. Ryan has led service-learning trips to Azerbaijan, lived in Switzerland and Morocco and can't wait to be back in Africa next year.

Jon Mayberry:

Jon is the current chair of The Recreation Project's Board of Directors and longtime Celebration member. Jon spends his time running the sound board, leading gasp-inducing "Kids' Time" moments and serving at church. He also enjoys camping and rock-climbing which means he's a perfect fit to help lead the trip. Jon has traveled all over the world, lived in the Dominican Republic and is looking forward to being on the ground with The Recreation Project next year.

Ready to Apply?

Applications are due April 24. Please submit them via email to Ryan.

Download applications here.

Still have more questions?

We'll update this section with frequently asked questions as they come in. Here's a few to start:

Q: Is Gulu, Uganda safe?

A: We'll have Ben Porter speak to this a bit more and post his answers here. In the meantime, please visit the US State Department's Uganda site to find out about travel restrictions (and also vaccinations requirements).

Q: How will we raise $4000?

A: Raising money isn't always easy, and we know that. Part of why we are starting preparations for this trip so early is to help us plan our fundraisers (church, community, individual) and to start raising support. We will be thoughtful and prayerful about raising funds and we look forward to seeing how God will provide!