Same Old, Same Old; Something New

May 22, 2022 Speaker: Paul Melnychenko

Passage: Luke 19:1–19:10, John 3:16, John 10:10, John 11:25–11:26

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Clip from movie "Cast Away" shown in sermon:

Question: What is one thing that all cultures have in common?
Answer: Fried bread! 

According to some historians, we've been making and eating this delicacy since 8,000 BC and every culture has their version of it. Who needs the UN? There's nothing like a good donut to bring people together. 

Another thing that all cultures have in common is story telling. Like fried bread, stories can bring us together. They communicate truth in ways that only information can't. That's why we love movies and why we love books. That's why the Biblical narrative is such a powerful one. Through the stories of Scripture, we begin to understand our own lives and stories. 

This morning, our good friend Paul Melnychenko brings us a message called "Same Old, Same Old; Something New." He shares his own story, the story of Jesus's encounter with a man in desperate need, and how these encounters with Jesus changed things for both Paul and the man in need. In both of these stories, we hope you will find hope.