When God Gives Us What We Want

May 15, 2022 Speaker: Jill Jones Series: A Story of Deliverance

Passage: Exodus 14:5–14:14

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Question: When you buy this you are paying a markup of 1,275%. What is it?
Answer: Movie theater popcorn! 

Person 1: You know what I love about getting popcorn at the theatre?
Person 2: No, what?
Person 1: I always get free BUTTER FINGERS with it. 

Seriously though, at the theatre you are paying roughly $13 per pound for popcorn, when at home you pay less than $1 per pound if you pop it yourself. That's crazy right?! 

Somehow it just doesn't seem right not to eat popcorn at a movie. Even when we know that on some level we are getting robbed, we just gotta have it. Sometimes getting what we want just isn't worth it. It's amazing how unsatisfied we can be with what God does give us, and will sometimes fight tooth and nail for things we think we need that ultimately aren't good for us. It's possible that the worst thing God could do is let us have what we want. Today Pastor Jill brings us a sermon about that called "When God Gives Us What We Want."