Blessed are the Merciful

April 24, 2022 Speaker: Dave Meserve Series: A Story of Deliverance

Passage: Exodus 34:6, Matthew 5:7, Titus 3:4–3:5

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Question: 18% of people prefer to do this backwards. What is it?
Answer: Eat Pizza! They prefer to eat it crust first! 

Person 1: What I love about my local pizza place is that they cut my pizza into 6 slices instead of 12.
Person 2: What is that so important?
Person 1: Because I can't eat 12 slices! 

Person 2: Do you know what’s the difference is between a good pizza joke and a bad one?
Person 1: I don't. What is it?
Person 2: The delivery! 

Seriously though, we all have strong opinions about things. That can be anything between the best way to eat your pizza or who is the best candidate on the ballot. This real issue is how we treat people on the other side of our opinion. We've all seen how gnarly we or others can get when someone does something we don't like.

The good news is we have a God who is kind and merciful toward us when we do things He says are wrong. He offers mercy and forgiveness without limit to all who come to Him, and He calls his people to be like Him. That's the subject of today's sermon. Our good friend Dave Meserve brings us a message called "Blessed Are The Merciful."

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