When God’s Rescue is Unpredictable

April 10, 2022 Speaker: Jill Jones Series: A Story of Deliverance

Passage: Exodus 4:29–5:2, Exodus 7:1–7:6, Exodus 12:13

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Plagues of Egypt video shown in service:

Question: 93% of households have one of these, and it’s almost always located in the kitchen. What is it?
Answer: A junk drawer! 

While 93% may have a junk drawer, 100% have junk in our lives that holds us in bondage. Hurts, habits and hangups that keep us from living free in the love of our good good Father and Savior. In other language, we might call this junk idols. Things we give our lives to that end up enslaving us.

God wants to confront those idols and bring us back into relationship with Himself, to live free in His love. Today, Pastor Jill brings us a sermon from Exodus on this very subject called "When God's Rescue Is Unpredictable."

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