When Strength Becomes Weakness

March 20, 2022 Speaker: Wesley Scheu Series: A Story of Deliverance

Passage: Exodus 2:11–2:25

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Question: About 10-12% of the world’s population has this unique trait. What is it? 
Answer: They are left handed! 

Person 1: Hey - I just got a new pair of gloves from Amazon today. 
Person 2: Oh yeah, how do you like them? 
Person 1: There was a problem. When I opened the box, I discovered they’re both left-handed. On one hand that’s great, on the other hand it’s just not right.

Seriously though, in a 2019 study it was found that left-handed people have disadvantages in a number of significant areas including a higher risk of certain diseases and experiencing painful accidents. 

Every strength has a weakness. As we’ll see today in our passage, relying on our strengths is not always a good thing. Today Pastor Wes brings us a sermon from Exodus chapter 2, called "A Story of Deliverance: When Strength Becomes Weakness."

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