A Story of Deliverance - Part 1

March 6, 2022 Speaker: Jill Jones Series: A Story of Deliverance

Passage: Exodus 1:6–1:22

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Question: Only 8 percent of births in the United States have this present. What is it? 
Answer: A midwife!

Person 1: I recently quit working as a midwife to become a comedian...
Person 2: really? How is that working for you? 
Person 1: Turns out my skill set is pretty transferable. It’s all in the delivery.

While it’s pretty rare here, midwives attend over two-thirds of births in the UK and other post industrial countries. Research shows that midwives often lead to better outcomes for mothers and babies. 

In our passage today, midwives play a crucial role. The choices these brave women make in the face of evil literally mean life or death for many. How are we as God’s people called to behave in similar situations? Pastor Jill will engage these questions as she starts a new sermon series today in the book of Exodus, called "A Story of Deliverance."

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