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February 20, 2022 Speaker: Jazmin Lopez & Jamie Logan Series: The Test of Faith

Topic: Storytelling Technique: Journey around the Room Passage: Genesis 42:1– 47:22

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Question: According to experts on the subject, this is the most popular collectible item in the United States. What is it?
10. Fine art and Jewelry
9. Wine
8. Stamps
7. Dolls and Toys
6. Trading Cards
5. Classic Cars
4. Coins and Currency
3. Comic Books
2. Vinyl Records
1. Antique Furniture! 

Last week Pastor Jill spoke to us from Genesis 41 about how God elevated Joseph to second in command of all of Egypt. From this position of authority and responsibility, Joseph began collecting grain during the years of plenty to save up for the years of famine predicted in dreams God gave to Pharaoh.

Today we'll be led by Jazmin, our Children's Ministry Director, and the Children's Ministry Team.  They will show us how that saving up not only helped the kingdom of Egypt but also God's chosen family, and what that means for us. It's going to be a lot of fun!

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