Blessing in Suffering

August 8, 2021 Speaker: Dave Meserve

Topic: Midrash Passage: 1 Peter 2:21– 3:9

Facebook Live video:

Question: The three most borrowed items in the U.S. are pens, lighters and what? 
Answer: Jumper cables! 

Wow that's SHOCKING! Have you ever needed to borrow jumper cables? Have you ever lent them out? What other things do people tend to borrow? 

Sometimes it's a real pain to lend out something that's yours, even to someone you like. You might be afraid you won't get it back before you need it. It's even harder to bless others who you don't like or disagree with, especially when we are hurt by them. What do we do when are suffering at the hands of other people? That's something we talk about today. Our good friend, Dave Meserve, leads us in a Midrash (community engagement with scripture) from 1 Peter.