What Prayer Can Do For You

March 7, 2021 Speaker: Jill Jones Series: The Good of Giving Up

Passage: Genesis 18:16–18:33, Genesis 19:12–19:16, Genesis 19:29

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Video clip shown in service from Meet the Parents:

Question: Back in 2000, we did this an average of 6 times a day. Now, it’s only two times a day. What is it? 
Answer: Talk to someone on the phone! 

Do you talk to people on the phone more than twice a day, or less? A lot has changed with our technology so we don't use our phones as phones as much any more.

Could the same be said of your prayer life? Do you talk with God more or less these days? Do you talk with Him at all? Do you believe that He hears you and that He wants to speak to you?

That's the subject of today's sermon from Genesis 18-19. Pastor Jill brings us a message called "What Prayer Can Do For You." It's Rated R for REAL and is the third in our series ""The Good of Giving Up."

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