What to Do When You're Tired of Waiting

February 21, 2021 Speaker: Jill Jones Series: The Good of Giving Up

Passage: Genesis 16:1–16:16

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Question: A blind man invented this. Most cars have it, but you probably don’t use it everyday. What is it?
Answer: Cruise control! 

How many of you like to use cruise control on trips? When we don’t want to worry about the speed limit or give our right foot a rest, cruise control is the way to go! 

Don’t you wish life was this way? You just push a button and you can control how quickly you get to where you want to go? Instead, we often find ourselves waiting or uncertain of what’s around the corner.  Rather than trusting God, we often find “shortcuts” to get around the waiting. But as we’ll see today, these shortcuts can lead to big problems. This morning, Pastor Jill begins a new sermon series called "The Good of Giving Up." Her message is called “What to Do When You’re Tired of Waiting.”

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