Choices You Can Make This Week

January 17, 2021 Speaker: Jill Jones Series: The Promises of God & the Choices We Make

Passage: Genesis 11:1–11:9

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Question: Without looking it up on the inter webs, what would you say is the definition of the word basophobia
Answer: Basophobia is the fear of falling

Hey, I just read a book about falling down a staircase... It was a step by step guide. (womp womp). 

But seriously folks, basophobia is the common anxiety people experience as they walk toward the edge of something like a cliff, or a steep drop. Studies with infants revealed that basophobia is hardwired into us. It helps keeps us safe from the harm of a physical fall.

It sure would be nice if we had something like that hardwired into us to make us fear the metaphorical fall that comes on the other side of human pride. Like the Bible says in Proverbs 16:18, "Pride goes before destruction, a haughty spirit before a fall." Pride gets us into a lot of trouble, as we'll see in today's sermon from pastor Jill. She starts us on a new sermon series today called "The Promises of God and the Choices We Make."

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