Nothing is Wasted

December 20, 2020 Speaker: Jill Jones Series: Sacred Places

Topic: What God Can Do With Whatever Place You're In Passage: Matthew 2:1–2:23

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Question: According to a new survey, what is the number one food Americans buy but never use completely? 
Answer: Bread! 

Why do you think that is? Do people just not eat it fast enough? Is it because people don’t like the ends of the loaf? Do you like the heels? For whatever reason, lots of bread gets wasted. 

Sometimes life can feel CRUMMY, like when our plans go a RYE. Or we might feel like we’ve just been LOAFING around and not moving anywhere. It can feel like our time spent, efforts made, or our dreams are just a waste. But our God wastes nothing. He is The One who can take what to us feels like a waste and redeem it for good. 

Pastor Jill brings us a sermon today on this topic in the fourth sermon of our "Sacred Places" series called "Nothing is Wasted" OR "What God Can Do With Whatever Place You’re In!"

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