Twelve Days of Gratitude & Generosity

December 13, 2020 Speaker: Jill Jones Series: Sacred Places

Passage: Luke 1:46–1:56

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 What are the most re-gifted items? 
Answer: Candles!

Has anyone here ever done that? I guess when life gives you candles, you make candle-aid (ba-dum chh). At least when you regift something, you save some money and bless someone else.

But the truth is, when we don’t get what we were hoping for, we naturally feel disappointed. Sometimes we didn’t even know we had expectations until they weren’t met. In a Christmas season where many of our usual traditions and rhythms are thrown off, we can find ourselves, our families, friends and neighbors feeling really disappointed. What might we do to make some lemonade out of our lemons?

How might we honor Christ, and experience His presence in this season? That’s the subject of today’s sermon. Pastor Jill brings us the third sermon in our "Sacred Places" series, called "Twelve Days of Gratitude & Generosity." Grab a pen and paper because you'll need it throughout the sermon!

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