There IS Life After the Fall

November 15, 2020 Speaker: Jill Jones Series: Life After the Fall

Passage: Genesis 8:1–9:29

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Question: The average American uses 80 to 100 of these per day. What are they? 
Answer: Gallons of water! 

Let's say your house sits on a one-half acre lot. And let's say you get a storm that drops 1 inch of rain. You've just received 13,577 gallons of water on your yard. That's almost 170 days of water. Now imagine how much water it would take to cover the whole earth! That's a crazy amount right?! Sort of unimaginable.

Psalm 77 says our God is a wonder-working God. He does what we might call impossible. Today, Pastor Jill brings our series "Life After The Fall" in for a landing. She finishes the story of Noah in a message from Genesis 7-9 called "There IS Life After the Fall."

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