What to Do When Things Aren’t Right

November 8, 2020 Speaker: Jill Jones Series: Life After the Fall

Passage: Genesis 6:5–6:12, Genesis 6:17–6:22

Facebook Live video:

Question: 40% of us say we’ve yelled for help when this happened. What is it? 
Answer: We ran out of toilet paper! 

Anyone out there ever had this experience? One thing is for sure: when we find ourselves in a stinky situation, we can either ask for help or try to clean things up our own way. As the saying goes, there's no situation so bad that we can't make it worse.

The same goes when it comes to trusting God, His will and ways, or trying to run our own lives. The consequences can truly be life and death.

Today, Pastor Jill show us how bad things can really get when we choose to trust our ways over God's ways. Even then, God's grace is is still present. Her sermon is called "What to Do When Things Aren't Right," the third part of our series "Life After the Fall."

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