The Terrible Lie & Other Lies We Believe

October 25, 2020 Speaker: Jill Jones Series: Life After the Fall

Passage: Genesis 3:1–3:24

Facebook Live video:

Question: Doing this activity for 90 minutes burns 429 calories. What is it? 
Answer: Raking leaves! 

It’s a sure bet you’ve experienced all the leaves falling with the cold weather moving in. If you’ve done much raking, you might be experiencing some of the painful results of this season of Fall.

As a human being, it’s certain you’ve also been experiencing the painful results of the Fall of Man, when sin entered the world. Things like environmental disasters, racial injustice, political strife, brokenness in families, the list goes on and on. But even in the midst of all the pain, God still brings hope, still brings goodness, still brings opportunities for joy, just as there is new growth and life in the Spring. 

Today Pastor Jill brings us a sermon on this very subject called "The Terrible Lie & Other Lies We Believe." It's the first in a new series called "Life After the Fall."

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