(Re)Finishing Creation

October 11, 2020 Speaker: Dave Meserve Series: First Things First

Topic: How NOT Good Became Good Passage: Genesis 2:18–2:25

Facebook Live video:

Video clip of cousins hugging shown in service:

Question: This famous duo became best friends because they were the two slowest kids in their gym class. Who are they? 
Answer: Ben and Jerry! 

Which Ben and Jerry's ice cream flavor is your favorite?  One thing is for sure, lot's of folks are thankful that these two guys found each other. Because who would want to eat an ice cream that's just called Jerry's or Ben's? This daring dairy duo proves the rule that two are better than one.

We weren't made to live this life on our own, and God created us this way. We see it all the way back at the beginning of creation. Today, we are privileged to have Pastor Dave Miserve bring us a message on this subject called "First Things First: (Re)Finishing Creation."

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