Unity and the Dance of Diversity

July 26, 2020 Speaker: Andy Millar Series: That They May Be One

Passage: Genesis 1:26–1:27, Genesis 1:31, Acts 2:5–2:11

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Question: According to a new survey, 88% of couples say doing this household activity together at least once a week can improve communication and improve the relationship. What is it?
Answer: Cooking dinner together! 

It's pretty cool how when different people come together with a common purpose, it can draw them closer to each other, making them feel even more united in the dish they create! The flip side is when it feels like everywhere you look, people are working at cross purposes, dividing one another and creating a pretty nasty stew.

Today we're in for a real treat! Pastor Andy Millar from Light of the Nations brings us the sermon.  He will help us see how diversity is a key ingredient to unity, God's great desire for us all.