Get Your Business Done!

June 28, 2020 Series: Notes From the Belly of the Fish

Passage: Esther 4:1–4:17

Facebook Live video:

Video clip shown from The Middle:

Question: 15% of truck owners have one of these.  What is it?
Answer: A name for their truck! 

Dang. That makes sense. That's cool, right? Okay how many truck owners do we have today? Do you have a name for your truck and if so, what is it? 

Well, Pastor Steve has a name for his Jeep. Do you know what it is and why? It's named Prayer so when folks ask where he is, Beth can say "He's up in the mountains in Prayer." 

This week he actually was. He, Jill, and Wes took a day trip one last time. And he's come down from the mountain with a final word for us all. It's called "Get Your Business Done" OR "3 Fog-lifting Questions for Such a Time as This." It's his final sermon as the Senior Pastor of Celebration.

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