How to Know When You're Ready to Go

June 14, 2020 Series: Notes From the Belly of the Fish

Passage: Jonah 3:1–3:10

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Question: One in three kids have asked a parent to stop doing this. What is it?
Answer: Cursing!  

Dang! That's no bueno. It's not good. It's bad. But who can blame Mom and Dad for feeling frustrated when school and summer programs get canceled and they're trying to do their work while everyone's home? They're only human, right? 

Another very human person was Jonah. He got stuck in storms and got thrown overboard. He might have cursed a time or two. When stuck inside the great fish, he must have muttered more than once. In chapter 3 of Jonah, our hero is back on his feet. Isn't that what we're all ready get out of this stressful time and back to some kind of normal?  

This morning, we'll see what life after the belly of the fish could look for Jonah...and for us. We'll discuss this, racial issues, and more. Steve's message is called "How to Know You're Ready to Go." It's part four of his sermon series "Notes From the Belly of the Fish."

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