A Kairos Moment

June 7, 2020 Speaker: Art Williams

Passage: Psalm 55:2–55:14, Romans 2:5

Facebook Live video:

Question: According to a new study, employees are less likely to make mistakes at work if this is available. What is it?
Answer: Music!

Does listening to music while you work help you make less mistakes? Maybe it helps you focus better and stay on task? The important thing is that when you make a mistake you correct it as soon as you recognize it. 

The same is hopefully true with how we relate to one another—that we own our mistakes as soon as we recognize them. Sometimes we’re not even aware that we’ve caused a hurt or offended someone. But when we do become aware of it, what will our response be?  

Today a friend of Celebration, Art Williams, joins us again and continues the conversation about racial injustice. In this pivotal moment in our city and our country, the call is for us to go deeper, wrestle with some uncomfortable scriptures and listen to God as He shows us things about our own hearts. Art’s sermon today is called “A Kairos Moment.”