Taking the Big Leap

May 10, 2020 Series: Notes From the Belly of the Fish

Passage: Jonah 1:1–1:17

Facebook Live video:

Question: 14% of kids under the age of 12 say they think this is the hardest thing about being a mommy. What is it?
Answer: Taking care of Dad!

Dang! Kids say the darndest things, don't they? How many of you think Mom has a big job taking care of Dad? How about taking care of the rest of the family? Yup, Mom, you have a big job...and we love you for it.

Hey! If your mom is in the room with you, walk over and give her a big hug and a kiss! Or give her a shout out in the Comments window here :D

This morning, Steve brings us the second installment of his final sermon series at Celebration. The series is called "Notes From the Belly of the Fish," and this week's sermon is called "Taking the Big Leap."

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