Stop the Self-Sabotage

March 8, 2020 Speaker: Steve Garcia Series: For Those Who Are Weary

Topic: Lent That's Life-Giving, Not Legalistic Passage: Jeremiah 6:16–6:20

Question: Nearly half of the women surveyed said they have backed out of a date for this reason. What is it?
Answer: They were too tired! 

Do you agree? (Whether a man or woman does it):
— It’s okay to back out of a date if too tired
— It’s not cool to do so
— I’d be upset if it happened to me
— It’s okay if I do it
— It’s okay but you need a better excuse

My opinion? You’ve got to take care of yourself. If you’re too pooped you’re too pooped. But...I really think it would be a big mistake for someone to miss out on a date with you. Just saying.

At any rate, everyone carries a heavy load. We all get maxed out. And if your date, family or friends don’t sympathize, your God does. Today Steve brings a message called "Stop the Self-Sabotage." It's part two in our Lenten Sermon Series “For Those Who Are Weary.”

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