Experiencing God When You're Feeling Stuck

February 9, 2020 Speaker: Ruth Folkerts Series: Experiencing God at Work

Passage: Genesis 37:33–37:36

Question: According to drivers, this is the number one annoyance on their morning commute. What is it?
Answer: Getting stuck behind a school bus! 

Dang. Ever been stuck behind a bus? No fun, right? It's exhausting. Whether a bus or a traffic jam or anywhere else, it's not much fun being stuck. 

But it's even worse in life. When you're stuck in a horrible job or an unhealthy relationship, it's a drag. If that's your experience, you've come to the right place. This morning, Ruth brings a message from the life of Joseph called "Experiencing God When You're Feeling Stuck." It's the next message in our series "Experiencing God at Work."

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