Whenever, Wherever

January 26, 2020 Series: Experiencing God at Work

Passage: Numbers 9:15–9:23

Video clip 1 shown in service - Monk's Five Stages of Grief

Video clip 2 shown in service - Black Men Can't Make White Man Mistakes

Question: Families will send each other more than 10,000 texts each year. According to a recent survey, what is the number one subject?
Answer: What to eat! 

That makes sense. Maybe it's "What should we eat?" or "What do you want to eat?" or "What's for dinner?" but the topic of "what to eat?" is a daily dilemma. But not today! We've made today's lunch plans much easier. 

Following our service, we're having a pizza & salad lunch to discuss the big change Steve announced to us last week. This will be the first of our family gatherings we are calling "The Listening Tour." Everyone is welcome to stay.

To set the stage for that time, Steve will bring us our next installment of "Experiencing God at Work." His message about following God is called "Whenever, Wherever."

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