What I've Learned about Experiencing God at Work

January 19, 2020 Series: Experiencing God at Work

Passage: Genesis 2:15, Genesis 3:17–3:19, Matthew 6:10

Question: A survey of people who work from home found that about one in four of them do this regularly do this while on the clock. What is it?
Answer: Play video games! 

Dang. Do you think that's okay? We don't...unless it's Catán. That game, even the online version, is good for team-building and strategic thinking.

But seriously, a lot of people are bored at work, perhaps even you. Your job may give you money, but not meaning. It's maddening enough to make you play "Madden." 

This morning, Steve brings us a message called "What I’ve Learned about Experiencing God at Work." He will share about how God has led him in the past and where he's leading him now. If you watched his Sunday Morning Preview video, you know he has some big news to share with us. 

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