Your Best Christmas Ever

December 22, 2019 Series: Experiencing God this Christmas

Passage: Luke 1:23–1:25, Luke 1:39–1:45

SNL Christmas video shown in sermon:

Question: If you took all these that have ever been sold and stretched them end-to-end, they'd circle the Earth 153 times. What are they?
Answer: Slinkys! 

How many of you have ever played with a Slinky? How many of you don't know what one is? Well, Slinkys are fun. And a lot of them have been stretched by kids over the decades. 

Guess what? We get stretched too. We get pulled in lots of kids, by bosses, by holiday stuff. And while it's not always very fun, God invites us to find joy in Him.

This morning, Steve brings a message called "Your Best Christmas Ever." It's part four of our Christmas series "Experiencing God This Christmas." 

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