How to Get a God Thing

December 15, 2019 Series: Experiencing God this Christmas

Passage: Luke 1:26–1:29

Movie clip from Elf shown in service:

Question: 99% of us have one. The original ones would have cost over $16,000 in today's money. What is it?
Answer: A Refrigerator!

One hundred years ago, it took cold, hard cash to have a fridge in your home. Now they are standard equipment in even the most humble homes. A fridge isn't just for the rich anymore. Isn’t that cool? It gives me chills.

What's even better is this -- God's favor isn't reserved for the privileged few either. It's not for the super-rich or the super-spiritual, but for the meek, the humble, the last, the lost, and the least. 

This Christmas season, we're looking at how the gospel account begins with the stories of a childless old couple and a teenage girl. These humble heroes show us how God calls ordinary people into extraordinary journeys. Steve's message is called "How to Get a God Thing." It's part 3 of "Experiencing God This Christmas."

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