God's at Work this Christmas

December 8, 2019 Series: Experiencing God this Christmas

Passage: Luke 1:1–1:23a

Question: In a survey about interviewing for a new job, 35% of people responding said that they forgot to do this. What is it?
Answer: Show up! 

Dang! That's so crazy...right? Now, let's do our own poll. 
1) How many of you have ever interviewed for a job?
2) And how many of you have ever forgotten to show up? 

Well, we're only human, right? Maybe it wasn't the right job for you anyway. 

This morning, we'll hear the story of a godly man who stumbled, bumbled, and fumbled his way into the Bible. He was a good guy but on his big day, whiffed badly. Still, God doesn't give up on him and he won't give up on you. Steve's message is called ""God's at Work this Christmas." It's part two of "Experiencing God This Christmas."

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