God's Invitation to You

November 10, 2019 Speaker: Jill Jones Series: Experiencing God in the Place You're In

Passage: John 10:2–10:5, John 10:14

Video Clip from Bruce Almighty shown in service:

Question: This holiday season, 1 in 8 couples will argue over this. What is it?
Answer: Choosing a real tree or an artificial tree! 

How many of you have an artificial tree? How many of you believe that it's not Christmas without a real tree?

Deciding between the artificial and the real when it comes to Christmas trees probably won't alter our lives that much. But when it comes to our relationship with God, He doesn’t want us to settle for an artificial relationship with Him. Instead, He invites us into a deeper and real relationship where He speaks to us and invites us into God-size dreams. The important question is WILL WE SAY YES TO HIM?

This morning, Pastor Jill brings us a message called "God’s Invitation to You." It's part two in our series “Experiencing God in the Place You’re In."

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