Let Down Your Net

April 7, 2019 Speaker: Ruth Folkerts Series: Get Out of the Boat & Other Stories

Topic: Become More Catchy Passage: Luke 5:1–5:11

Billy Graham Video shown in sermon

Question: In a recent survey, 27% of Americans say they’ve never stepped foot in this place, even though they’re close to it everyday. Where is it? 

Answer: Their neighbor’s house!

I wonder if that statistic might even be a little low. How many of you have never been in your neighbors house? 

Another place that lots of people live near but may never grace with thier presence is church. Think about how many people live near our church. But they might be more likely too if they were invited by you or me. 

Today Pastor Ruth will call us, inspire us, encourage and equip us to share Jesus' love with others. Her sermon is called "Let Your Net Down (or Become More Catchy)."

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