The Housecleaning Choice: Asking God to Declutter Your Heart

January 27, 2019 Speaker: Jill Jones Series: Life's Healing Choices

Topic: Hurts, Hang-ups & Habits Passage: Matthew 5:8, Psalm 32:1–32:11

Video Clip from "Hoarding" shown at beginning of sermon:

Video Song "Control" by Tenth Avenue North shown at end of sermon:

Question: 72% of us have one of these tucked away in storage. What is it?
Answer: A high school yearbook! 

Where do you keep your high school yearbook? Is it in a prominent place in your home? On a bookshelf? Or tucked away in storage? Do you even know where it is? 

Chances are, we probably all have things that once were important to us that are now tucked away in storage somewhere. But have you ever noticed that it’s not just things we put in storage? We can also tuck away our hurts, hide our hang-ups and even ignore our habits that interfere with the joy and freedom that God offers us. And we need God’s help to sort through it all.

This morning, we begin a new sermon series called "Life’s Healing Choices." Pastor Jill brings us a message called "The Housecleaning Choice: Asking God to Declutter Your Heart."

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